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Hi all, My name is Joel Proulx

Over 10 years ago I purchased my first PreSonus 8 channel interface, a pack of cheap Samson drum microphones and a copy of Logic 8. The purpose of all this was to record the band I was currently playing in. I was in college at the time and had no idea that RECORDING MUSIC would become my TRUE PASSION.

The dream at the time was to record my band, and of course “make it big”. So, I set up my gear in the small practice space that we had and got to work. I had no clue what I was doing but was amazed with the results of my recordings. Just being able to play our songs back and hear them put a smile on my face.

Of course, the QUALITY of these first songs were HORRIBLE! But at the time I had no clue. I would simply put a bunch of reverb and delay on everything, set the faders, sit back and listen.

Here is the first AWFUL recording that came out of that practice space over 10 years ago…..

Catch the Lion - First song I ever mixed.

After a few months went by I started to wonder why my mixes DID NOT COMPARE with my favorite band’s mixes. I started researching more and found myself getting frustrated with my songs. I was now OBSESSED with getting my songs to SOUND BETTER. This is where the journey began……

I would spend a lot of my time on YouTube and searching the internet for tips and tricks. A lot of my time was wasted because I did not know who to believe. There was so much BOGUS information out there. Some information would even send me backwards in my mixing career.

I struggled for years figuring out what was right and what was wrong, but every six months I noticed a substantial difference in my mixes. I was getting better!

Fast forward to today and I now have my own recording studio in my house and record music for not only my bands, but other local bands and musicians as well.

This is a recording of that same band 9 years after the first recording….

Catch the lion now...

Why I started the Home Recording Network

I spent years STRUGGLING to learn how to record and mix music FROM MY HOME. I even invest in courses from professional mix engineers. These courses did not help me because these engineers were starting with tracks recorded in HUGE STUDIOS! I needed to know how to make music that was recorded IN A HOUSE sound as good as these guys.
That is why I started the Home Recording Network. I want to help people who are in the same position I was in 10 years ago. My mission is to help people MAKE AMAZING SOUNDING MUSIC FROM THEIR LIVING  ROOM


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